As described in its name, heroes are the most important part of the game. Each hero has its own characteristics and skill set. A correct lineup can be crucial in defeating difficult bosses and PVP scenarios.

Hero Classes Edit

Heroes are in 3 different classes: SS, S and A. Class usually describes a hero's rarity, but it does not always determine a hero's true value. Promoting the Rank and Quality of a rarer hero costs more than that to a more common hero.

Hero Star Rank Edit

The Star Rank is associated with the hero's skill and stats. Promoting a hero's star rank always unlocks a new skill and also increase the hero's attack, defense and HP.

  • 1 Star: Energy Skill
  • 2 Stars: unlocks Skill 1 and Leader Skill
  • 3 Stars: unlocks Skill 2
  • 4 Stars: unlocks Skill 3

Most heroes start with 1 star. A few heroes start with 2 or 3 stars, and they are generally considered very helpful especially at the beginning.

Promoting a hero's Star Rank requires Rank Glyphs of the corresponding level.

Hero Level Edit

Heroes can level up and grow their stats. Experience can be gained by competing stages and dungeons. Using exp potions can level up a hero quickly.

Hero Level is capped by a player's team level.