Your game starts after the monastery fight. Initially, you have 3 heroes:

  • Grewnice Rennes, Howling Wolf;
  • Noam Keck, Barbarian Warrior;
  • Charice, Queen of Flames.

The tutorial will guide you to promote your Werewolf to Star Rank 2, which enables his leader skill and an automatic skill. Then the tutorial will lead you to the first chapter and to the first stage of the chapter.

The first stage is quite easy and basically impossible to lose. Upon the victory of 1-1, the Blacksmith becomes available for you. And you will get your first set of equipment for free. Equip your Werewolf leader, and he then becomes your most powerful hero at the moment, for he now has good damage, but more importantly, the self-healing effect makes him self-sustainable. And now you want to make sure that he takes most of the damage by moving your barbarian to the back.

1-2 becomes harder mainly because of the boars that can charge. A timely interrupt with barbarian’s knocking up can easily neutralize the threat. 

Your first challenge comes in stage 1-6. Crafting some gear for your barbarian and your fire mage makes a significant difference. Also interrupting the Boss’s ultimate strike gives you better chance of winning.

Completing 1-6 rewards you a life changer, your first healer, druid Orville Morningstar. When she first joins you, she is pretty weak, so you should first give her a set of equipment, and use a few exp potions on her. Her energy skill is team healing. Although can be interrupted, the amount of health it can restore is the highest among all healers. The healing effect linearly scale with her attack, so always remember to upgrade her weapon.

On 1-8, you will meet the first Hero Boss, i.e., an actual recruitable hero as the boss. Mara Rocca, Bounty Hunter, possesses a great threat to you when you first encounter her. Make sure all your team members don’t get one-shot by her massive AOE damage by equipping them with accessories. Also reserve some energy points for your druid so that she can also heal your team up after taking the deadly strike by the boss.

Further Tips Edit

  • Your first Rank Glyphs are recommended to use on Orville. Promoting her to Star Rank 2 enables her automatic heal. Given that at a lot of occasions, only one hero in battle needs healing, this auto heal can save you a lot of energy points.
  • The second hero you should consider promoting is Noam Keck. Both Noam and Orville are very solid for most situations. You will have more and more heroes as you progress, but these 2 are still good choices.
  • Unlocking a rune makes huge difference, but not so much when you upgrade your rune from level 1 to level 2. So at the beginning, make sure you have all the rune slots equipped, but do not bother upgrading them, yet.